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Friday, August 20, 2010

Really Easy Fall Decorations: Exciting Harvest Projects for the Entire Family

Fall is going to be here before you know it and so now is the time to think about your seasonal decorations. Get the family along side each other for some serious fall amusement with these very easy fall decorations! These types of projects are certain to get the entire family taking part with the harvest festivities.

Seasonal Harvest Window Container: Take a step away from conventional window box creations of chrysanthemums or pansies. This fall season, why not have a shot at something totally new? Put a layer of straw or dried grass to the window box, making sure that a little of it gently falls down the front and sides. Collect gourds and pumpkins of numerous shapes, styles, and shades; organize these in your window containers for a fun harvest display. For increased family fun, have the children color happy expressions on the pumpkins! If the kids are older, shiny paint in deep autumn colors will add a lttle bit of bling to the window box and involve them with the project.

Beautiful Harvest Porch: As soon as the summer season passes, our porches can often be left deserted and forgotten about. Turn that bare porch into a platform for your fall decorations! The staircase leading to your porch can be adorned on each side with sizeable pumpkins, decorated by the children as implied above. And then for more color, purchase a metal wreath frame from a craft retailer and deploy the children outside into the garden to gather fall leaves. Using floral craft wire and a glue gun, affix the leaves to the frame. This gives you a one of a kind wreath that the entire family helped make.

Wonderful Fall Potpourri: Absolutely nothing sets the mood of fall above the rich scents of cinnamon and apple in dense cider-like aromas. Fill your home with that scrumptious aroma while developing long-term memories with your family by creating your own autumn potpourri! Send the kids out into the backyard to harvest the last blossoms of the garden, pinecones, and even thick dried leaves. Coarsely chop these and add them to a glass bowl. Get your preferred liquid potpourri oils in harvest scents and toss it throughout the recovered garden goods. Cover with plastic and let it cure for a few weeks and your family now has its own signature potpourri blend!

Fall Leaf Collage: It is tough to entirely change your décor with the seasons, but you and your family can come up with a one-of-a-kind focal point for your family room. Accompany your children out into the lawn and collect leaves, but this time make sure that the leaves are still pliable. Let them gather a good deal, this project requires lots of leaves. Back inside; press these leaves between the pages of a heavy book for about a week until they are smooth and flat. Buy a large picture frame from a discount store, the bigger the better! Make it possible for the children help you glue the leaves to an inexpensive sheet of poster board that has been cut to fit the frame. I suggest cutting the stems off the leaves, but my daughter prefers to leave them attached, it’s a matter of preference. Once the whole board is embellished, let it to dry, and spray with dried floral preservative. Put your masterpiece in the frame and enjoy your family’s artwork!

These are a few fun fall crafts for you and your family. Why not supplement your creations with some trendy fall decorations? Get the whole family involved this autumn season and establish traditions for years to come!

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