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Friday, August 6, 2010

Express Your Creativity with a Whimsical Bedroom

There are so many bedroom themes and styles out there that one would think that the possibilities are endless, but after a while, don’t they all seem too predictable and copied too many times? Why copy what someone else has already done? Express yourself by designing your own whimsical bedroom!

The good thing with this design style is that there are no rules. You have free reign to let your own tastes and creativity shine without being confined to the principles of a particular style or trend. So how do you create this expressions of freedom without the final result looking like a garage sale exploded in what was once your bedroom? The answer will suprise you, but it is a whole new way to think about decorating and how to plan a room.

The simplest way to begin is to search for bedroom photos on the computer and for pictures in magazines that catch your eye. Sort these photos by selecting what it is that you like about that picture. Is it the overall color scheme? Did the bedding really wow you? What about the decorative accessories? Keep doing this until you have about five pictures in groups of color ideas, bedding ideas, and accessory ideas.

This is where it gets fun. Pick out your very favorite from each group. Don't think about how they go together, that’s not the point. All you want to do is pick out your very favorite picture from each group. Once you do this, you have your whimsical bedroom.

Did that make it sound too easy? It shouldn't. Since you are not distracted by how these selections will work together, you are free to decorate in a truly impulsive (i.e. whimsical) style.

Take a good look at the picture that you chose out of the color group. Why did you pick it as you favorite for the color group? Is it the actual color or is it the way that the color works with the bedding? If it is the actual color, then you need to find a version of your bedding photo choice that will work with that color. If it is how the color compliments the bedding, then you need to select your colors based on your bedding photo choice. Use this same method with the accessories and you're all finished!

By removing the rules of decorating and designing a room this way, you can create a truly unique room that shows your personality in a way that theme decorating never could. A whimsical bedroom is the perfect way to discover your own decorating style. So get to work and let the real you shine through!

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