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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Autumn Candles: 3 Ways to Utilize This New Idea for the 2010 Fall Season

Working with autumn candles will make you think about fall decorating in a whole new light. These simple decorative accents bring the scent and look of the harvest season to your household without the expense of traditional fall decorations. Learn new tactics to use autumn candles and add a fresh look to your autumn decorating plans.

Decorating for the fall season can get costly swiftly and considering the state of the economy, many of us are fighting to uncover ways to cut corners. This does not mean that you have to ditch decorating your home this autumn season; it only means that you have to be a tad bit more imaginative and autumn themed candles and accessories are the perfect answer.

Fun Harvest Mantle Display: A quick and simple style for the 2010 fall season is to remove all your decorative accessories from your mantle and place a simple leaf garland over the top and place candles in deep fall tones within the garland. For safety, take into consideration using battery operated candles that still give that flickering light only without the risk of a real burning candle.

Flirty Autumn Bedroom: Candles set a romantic mood. To provide a touch of harvest ambiance, use candles in fun seasonal inspired holders. You not only get the romantic mood, but a reminder of frosty nights to come that will make you want to snuggle up close.
Fantastic Autumn Table Accents: Why use a boring flower arrangement when you can use a beautiful exhibit of autumn candles in the center of the table? Candles of various sizes on a glass candle plate are both understated and elegant. Light those for when your family gathers at the table and it will transform any meal into a fall celebration.

When decorating for the fall season, in many cases it is the ordinary decorative accents that make the most impact. Now that you have a few ideas, how are you going to use autumn candles in your seasonal decorating plans?

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