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Friday, August 6, 2010

Create an Understated and Elegant Safari Themed Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps

I love animal prints and safari decor, but was unsure about decorating my small bedroom in this theme. I worried that it would be too overpowering and intense for my small bedroom. I wanted something elegant and understated, it took me a while, but I came up with a solution. Here are the same steps that I followed to create an understated and elegant safari themed bedroom

Step 1: Paint Colors. Good news! Hopefully, you still have those off-white or beige walls. If not, grab your paint brush. These warm neutrals make the best backdrop for a safari theme.

Step 2: Bedroom Furniture. This design works best with dark colored furniture ranging from a dark oak to black. Don't worry if you have white or light colored furniture, you can give it a quick coat of paint or stain to deepen the color.

Step 3: Bedding for a Safari Theme. The bedding that you select will set the tone and intensity of your room. You can opt for actual safari themed bedding, but often that is too overpowering for smaller rooms. If you are worried about that happening, try using cream colored bedding instead like a simple comforter set that includes the bed skirt. To bring out the theme, use heat tape to attach sheer window scarves in your favorite animal print as an overlay to the bed skirt. To finish off the bed, add a few accent pillows and a throw in the same print.

Step 4: Curtains and Drapes. We can use the same idea we used on the bed skirt for the windows. To add a custom touch, place a sheer boarder at the top or bottom of a pair of plain cream colored drapes. This understated touch brings the room together.

Step 5: Decorative Accessories. Since we have kept things understated up to this point, you can really go wild with your bedroom accessories. Don't be afraid to use animal figurines such as elephants, tigers, and giraffes. Remember not to underestimate pillar candles in fun animal prints for added impact.

By following these steps, you will create an elegant safari themed bedroom while keeping within your decorating budget. So get going on your new project and let out your wild side!

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  1. Hi Dana - I just found your blog by searching animal blogs on google. Nice posts!!