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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silk Roses Bouquet: Low-cost Decorative Accent Idea

Are you seeking an affordable home decor idea? Consider a paper wrapped silk roses bouquet. This throwback to the Victorian days is a fairly easy decorating project which could be made in less than an hour and will give an immediate splash of color and old world style to a room. Follow these basic steps for making your own silk roses bouquet.

Artificial Roses
Medium Sized Secondary Flower
Silk Floral Tape
Paper (Wrapping or Large Scrapbook Sheet)

1. Decide on your blossoms. Silk roses are available in numerous forms and shades. You'll be able to choose full open flowers or tight rosebuds. The color selections differ from natural tones to colors developed to precisely match your decor. To generate a more appealing bouquet, pick a few small blooms as well or use a silk floral bush that has filler such as babyĆ¢€™s breath inside it.

2. Arrange your roses. Should you be using a silk bush, cut the flowers from the bush. Place the individual stems out on a table and begin setting them in an appealing bouquet. You need the longer flowers on the bottom and the shorter ones on top. Once you're satisfied with the end results, secure your bouquet with floral tape.

3. Fold wrapping paper or a large sheet of scrapbook paper into a triangle. Place your secured bouquet on the paper with the blooms over the wide edge, creating a diaper effect and secure with a small drop of glue. For added appeal, tie a ribbon around the small end of the bouquet.

This simple project makes an instant Victorian inspired arrangement that is nothing like most available in the marketplace today and since you are doing it yourself, you can make it as distinctive as you want. This is great for mantels and book shelves. Now that you know how simple this project can be, why not get started on your own silk roses bouquet today?

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