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Monday, July 5, 2010

How to Have a Romantic Night with Scented Candles

Are you looking for new and romantic ways to spice up your love life? Why not use scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere?

The methods of aromatherapy has long been implemented to influence emotional behavior, increase liveliness, or encourage the development of peacefulness. The sense of smell has deep associative potential. A tiny sniff of a specific fragrance might make us visualize home, evenings on a stream, or crisp harvest afternoons. Each scent brings with it its own emotions and visuals in our heads, for example lavender or chamomile for sleep and peace. This same strategy applies to your love life.

To prepare a romantic night, place scented candles throughout the space in various locations. The strategy is to create a gentle shining light that will soften the visual aspect of your bodily flaws while letting your companion know straight away that they are in for something special!
Are you in need of help deciding on that perfect scent? You could select ordinary vanilla, but why not try out something especially fashioned for creating that old romantic mood?
Cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie: The old saying is valid. The path to a man’s heart is through his stomach and aromas that remind him of these baked things will quickly put him in the mood for love. These spicy scents are the ideal method to liven up your love life!

Jasmine: This woodsy flower scent might appear a little old fashioned but it is a feminine fragrance that brings out the passionate side of even the most manly male. And what lady wouldn’t appreciate a little old fashioned romance?

Ylang Ylang: This aroma has long been used as an aphrodisiac because of its soothing and mood elevating benefits. A fantastic choice if your guy can’t seem to loosen up after a difficult day at the office. This will have him thinking about anything but the paperwork waiting for him.

Oranges: The essential oils found in oranges were used by the people of Egypt as an aphrodisiac and there was no greater temptress than Cleopatra. Known for ages for its arousal qualities, the aroma of oranges may be the most potent of all the romantic scents. Use with caution! (Or wild abandon, the choice is yours.)

Juniper: This one comes from my own practical experience. Out of all the fragrances and body sprays that I have tried, this one had men stopping me in the street to compliment me on its aroma (much to the dismay of their dates!)
Go shopping for your scented candles meticulously, locating your favorite from the recommendations outlined above. Use them to contribute a little extra romance to your date night and watch the sparks fly!

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