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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make Your Own Decorative Boxes

This is a fun and simple project for the entire family and the decorative boxes can be used for gifts, keepsakes, or as home décor accents. With a little artistic talent, your own imagination, and a few craft supplies, it’s easy to create decorative boxes that you will be proud to display.


Box Forms

Various Scrapbook Paper Sheets

Decoupage Medium

Rhinestones (optional)

Jewelry Glue (optional)

Select a well lighted area where the entire family can work such as the kitchen table or countertop. Save yourself a headache later by protecting your workspace with plastic sheeting or newspapers. Now that you’re all set, follow these simple steps to complete your first decorative box project.

1. Cut the scrapbook sheets into random strips, squares, or triangles. Apply a thin coat of the decoupage medium to an area of the box and place a piece of the scrapbook paper. Repeat this for the rest of the box and lid using various pieces of paper.

2. Once the box and lid are covered, allow them to thoroughly dry. Apply another coat or two of the decoupage medium to the box and lid to seal the paper permanently to the box.

3. Allow the box and lid to dry again, possibly for a day or two.

4. If you desire, glue rhinestone to the box using jewelry glue. You can follow an actual pattern, or place them randomly over the box and lid.

Once you and your family complete your first decorative box, you may be tempted to try other techniques such as painting, stamping, or covering the box with fabric. The possibilities are endless and the only limitation is your imagination.

Not the crafty type? No fear, there are many decorative boxes on the market today that will match your home décor or make the perfect gift.

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