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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

French Rooster Decor: Forget About The Kitchen! The Very simple Approach to Include Rooster Decor to Any Room

French rooster decor is now without doubt one of the fastest expanding kitchen theme fads in the last few years. Its level of popularity is built on the widespread color choices and quick implementation into virtually any kitchen. Have you been hunting for the best way to include this hot fad into your own home without changing your kitchen into a barnyard? There are a large number of ways to include rooster decorations into your home without even going entering the kitchen.

Interior designs utilizing rooster decorations are founded on the French country design style. This design incorporates a large range of color pallets and has a friendly and informal feel. It is a blend of old world luxury and traditional appeal. This is why its a great path to take if you are living in an existing older property and wishing to give it a luxurious appearance or if you're in a new house and wishing to get far away from the starkness of modern day interior designs.

Using Color in French Country: The colors in French country designs may very well be just about anything from vibrant red hues, stunning blacks, sunny yellows, aged green hues, to traditional hues of blue. The fabrics put to use are traditional in character, usually with toile decorative accents in throws, throw pillows, and window treatments. Area rugs are utilized to add a splash of color to natural floorings of wood or stone.

Home furniture for French Country: The furniture pieces used in French country decorating is traditional in design and style. Luxuriant wood pieces of furniture with low sheens or aged finishes work well with this theme, turning it into an economical design as you could repurpose pieces that have been overlooked and gathering dust in storage.

French Country Accessories: The decorative accents of use in French country room designs are based mostly in nature elements including baskets and vases of bouquets or the favored French country rooster d├ęcor. These decorative accents are consistent through the space and used in varying sizes. Including multi-colored framed art prints of roosters, bookends in a rooster motif, and possibly a couple rooster statues will bring an instant French country touch to your room.

You have now learned the basic principles of this design style, you can see how very easy it truly is to incorporate French country rooster decor to a space other than the kitchen. Let your decorating juices flow and give people something to "crow" about when they come to your home.

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