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Monday, June 14, 2010

Old World Style with Tuscan Decor

Tuscan decor is the perfect design trend if you crave casual but elegant style.  What other style welcomes you to come in and put your feet up for hours on end?  Read on to discover the feel of the Italian countryside in your own home.

The ease and grace of the Italian countryside is represented in the Tuscan decorating style. Warm and weathered walls and floors of beautiful marble and stone, soft romantic lighting, and rich wood furniture are hallmarks of the Tuscan style. This decorating theme welcomes you to relax for long periods. This is a style that is easy to copy in any room thanks to its aged beauty and forgiving design.

Wall Paint: Tuscan wall colors are perfect if you have children and pets! Tuscan homes feature walls in warm tones of beige, brown, or yellow. They are usually textured, a look that can be obtained through faux painting techniques or special paints that give the look of Venetian plaster. The idea is to give your walls a subtle weathered look with warm colors, this is perfect for hiding dirt, smudges, and wall blemishes!

Tuscan Floors: The common flooring in Tuscan decorating is made of marble and stone. This is why it's the perfect design choice for bathrooms and kitchens. If you are implementing this style in a living room, a floor of rich wood would be seen. This type of flooring gives the hint of luxury that is common in Tuscan decorating.

Tuscan Furniture: The furniture used is Tuscan decorating is normally solid wood in rich tones. This is the perfect opportunity to use those traditional pieces throughout your home that have been gathering dust. It doesn't matter if the pieces don't match. One of the great things about Tuscan style is that it is a relaxed style where you can bend the rules of traditional decorating. If you are using Tuscan design in a kitchen or bathroom, you might want to replace a few of your cabinet doors with doors made of glass. Tuscan kitchens and baths often have open cupboards revealing colorful dishes or towels.

Tuscan Lighting: A romantic warm glow is achieved in Tuscan interiors by using globes and shades in beige or tan to soften the light. Another common element in Tuscan decor is the use of wrought iron in lighting fixtures such a chandeliers, table lamps, or in the accents of ceiling lights. This is an easy look to copy by simply updating your current light fixtures.

Accents: The home accents used in Tuscan designs are colorful and bright. Often, vases in vibrant blues and yellows are used. Throws and accents pillows are in bright stripes or floral patterns. When looking for wall accents, candle scones of iron are a good choice as are prints of the Italian countryside. This is where the elegance of Tuscan style rears its head. A few carefully selected pieces will complete your new Tuscan style room and give it that luxurious old world touch.

These ideas are only the starting point of creating relaxed luxury with Tuscan home decor. It is an easy design to copy in any home, so get started on your Tuscan decorating project.

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