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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Giving Your Home Art Deco Style

When decorating, do you find yourself somewhere in between modernism and traditional? If this sounds like you, consider giving your home art deco style. This décor trend is making a comeback thanks to its clean lines and hints of luxury. The tips below will help you transform your room in classic art deco style.

What is Art Deco? Art Deco is a style of decorating and design that surged into popularity after World War I due to its glamorous style and idustrial touches. Popular movies from the 1930's demonstrate this trend in lush and elegant sets. A simple way to explain this decorating style is that it is modernism with a softer touch using bold colors and geometric shapes. It is an easy trend to bring to life in your own home thanks to the many decorative accessories available today.

Flooring: The typical art deco interior features checkered tiles of black and white or marble. When rugs are used as well, they are usually in a geometric or swirling design. Thanks to the many area rugs available on the market today, copying this idea is easy. By selecting an area rug first, this gives you a starting point for colors and accents.

Lighting: The use of lighting in this style is to give a soft glow and is normally sleek in design. This can include ceiling lights, wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps. Often the base of table lamps would be a bronze looking figurine as bronze and glass are a popular fixture of art deco styles. When floor lamps are used, they are generally tall torchiers of metal. Again these are styles that are readily available in stores and online.

Furniture: Art Deco style furniture is often streamlined in design and can be of metal or exotic wood construction. The upholstery is normally or velvet or velour, giving that glamorous touch to the sleek design. Decorative panels can be used as screens and are often black lacquered with the addition of an inset upholstered in luxurious fabric such as leather. This is a project you can do yourself with some scraps from the craft store and an inexpensive room divider or purchase a room screen that is all metal in a swirling design to get a similar effect without the need for crafty talents.

Accents: The Art Deco style is perfect for budget decorating due to the simplicity of the designs. The use of mirrors is common, to add to the authenticity select mirrors in geometric patterns and use them in groups. Colored glass accents add a splash of color and a hint of luxury that is a must have in Art Deco designs. Due to the simplicity of the accents used in Art Deco rooms, many of the items can be purchased at your local dollar store and used in groups to create more visual impact.

Although this style has been in use for generations, it continues to gain popularity as a softer variation of modernism and a more contemporary alternative to traditional designs. With the addition of a few key pieces, it is easy to decorate your home art deco style.

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