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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Decorations Made Simple and Easy: Christmas Tree Themes

The Christmas season has arrived. Now is the moment to pull out the seasonal decorations and get in the Christmas mood. Because of so many options and Christmas decorations becoming much less expensive, there is no good reason why you are not able to have the Christmas wonderland of your dreams.

A brand new craze that has come about in recent times with Christmas decorations would be to accentuate your tree, or at times even your entire residence, in a theme. This theme can be anything from a coordinating color scheme, a theme based on a specific Christmas item, or even a well-liked animated or tv character. Does it appear difficult? Not necessarily, just make use of the following ideas as motivation.

Contemporary: It is easy to decorate your holiday tree in a contemporary theme. Most contemporary designs in interior decorating involve sleek lines and standard color schemes. Use this identical idea in embellishing your Christmas tree in a contemporary theme. Select clear or white lights from top to bottom, a basic tree topper of glass or silver, and a classy black and white color scheme. Since it may be hard to locate black ornaments, opt instead for black silk flower stems. This provides you the essential color and takes you one more step away from the standard seasonal tree.

Color Coordinated: In case you are not looking to decorate the entire room, or if your room has a color scheme that won't flow with conventional red and green, it is possible to color synchronize your Christmas tree with your present decor. Decorations are available nowadays in a range of styles and colors. Pick colors that blend with your current decor and make a couple silk Christmas flower arrangements in the same colors to very easily complete your holiday decorating.

Snowman or Santa: This may seem like a conventional holiday style, but it's a brand new twist. Instead of having a blend of holiday ornaments, pick one figure such as a snowman or Santa. Buy different ornaments of this character for your tree from discount stores and a few figurines of it as well. Simply following through with this one character throughout the room will make your Christmas decorating look as though you hired a professional for a very limited expense.

Disney or Cartoon Theme: This is one of the simplest and least pricey themes to do yourself and it is additionally the one that attracts the most compliments. For this theme, use multi colored lights a great deal all over the Christmas tree and room especially if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace with a mantel. Go to the party supplies section of any store and purchase low-cost party favors of your selected character. With just some thread or clear string, you can convert these items into ornaments with ease. Don't overlook the possibilities of printed gift bags, fill with tinsel and place on the tree as well. For a tree topper, purchase one stuffed character or doll from the toy department and secure to the tree with floral wire. Quick, distinctive, and certainly a conversation starter.

Twinkle and Splendor: This is my particular favorite. I keep thinking that I will carry out this when my daughter grows out of the Disney theme. Cover the Christmas tree with many clear or white lights, there is no such thing as too many! Buy inexpensive clear ornaments in snowflake and ball shapes and place on the tree. For a bit of added opulence, include peacock feathers as well. I purchase mine from a neighborhood flea market, but many craft supply stores stock them as well. For a tree topper, spend a little extra money on glass or crystal. When a tree in this theme is lighted, the clear glass and plastic sparkle and no one can help but notice the beautiful colors of a peacock feather.

Need more ideas for Christmas Decorations? Stop by NanasAtticStore.com for more great Christmas decorating ideas. Look for Dana Michelle Burnett's new decorating book Home Decorating for the Real World to be available soon, filled with more great ideas for decorating your home throughout the seasons.


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